Grisha Petrov: Pint-sized Pleaser

Grisha Petrov: Pint-sized Pleaser

Grisha Petrov: Pint-sized Pleaser

Pint-sized Colombian Grisha Petrov is a slim, living sex-doll. She’s married to a liberal hubby but as Grisha said, “I get ding-dong. He’s not allowed to receive the vagina. He likes to watch me drilled by some other chap. My spouse filmed me with a younger stud who was Twenty five years aged.”

Grisha was attracted to porn and sex with guys. That babe was a swinger but not a nudist. “It excites me for people to watch my body scantily clad or in hot clothes. My friends know that I like sex and I’m very open-minded.” A lad needs to eat foods high in zinc and lecithin to keep a woman like this contented.

“I’ve done everything I wanted to do. I earned a Masters Degree. I worked in retail sales for Eighteen years. I am glad with my life.”

Grisha has some remarkable sex fantasies.

“I love to fantasize that my husband holds me while numerous bucks copulate me and cum inside me and during the time that their cum is oozing out of me, my husband bonks me.”

Sounds adore a woman who needs to wear inflammable knickers.

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The Tigerr, The Angel & The Stud

The Tigerr, The Girl & The Fellow

The Tigerr, The Goddess & The Stud

The utmost male sex dream. You’re about to watch it. Threesomes! One smooth operator screwing 2 sexy women. Almost every sex survey ever made lists male-female-female three-ways at the very top of the top ten. And with sex-kittens adore Tigerr Benson and Beauty Wicky–both very different yet likewise very similar–a trio becomes the supreme carnal shag adventure.

Gal Wicky has by no means met Tigerr Benson but they know who each other is. They have observed each other’s wanton scenes at SCORELAND. Sat in a undress club with a ladies man, angelically-beautiful Goddess is fixated by the sight of nice-looking and stacked Tigerr Benson pole dancing on stage.

Angel’s passion builds to a fever pitch as her eyes take in the heavenly sight of strip-teasing Tigerr’s big breasted body grinding and writhing. That babe takes a bill and goes over to Tigerr to tip her, then returns and asks if this babe can join her pole lap dancing. Tigerr is taken with Gal and welcomes her. Angel’s date Novis is not about to sit around and only view. That guy comes over and soon finds himself naked and bound to the dancer pole.

Hotty and Tigerr give fresh meaning to the term “pole dance” and take turns engulfing his pecker and balls. They release him so they can take turns banging and sucking each other in one of the all-time hottest SCORE threesomes ever filmed. Putting those two breasty gals together and turning ’em loose on a Lothario was a genius idea.

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Tittie Knockin’

Tittie Knockin’

Tittie Knockin'

38F-cup goddess Camelia Davis has great mangos. When a Voluptuous editor spoke to Camelia, this babe was very open and enjoyed talking about sex. This babe is a concupiscent girl and she’s contented of it.

When she discussed rod sucking, Camelia said, “I adore the balls. I think balls are important in a BJ. I like cum. I really do. If a stud wishes to cum in my mouth, I don’t mind. And if that charmer asks to cum on my pantoons, that’s worthwhile, also. I love to watch it splattering all over my chest. I adore to play with it and rub it into my areolas. I think cum is hot.”

Miss Davis can’t live out of a gent with a hard spank-hand.

“I love being spanked. That’s my unsurpassable fetish. I don’t know why. I love to be spanked and said that I am a bad goddess. I know that in my regular life, I’m actually a precious cutie. But I like to be bad in the bedroom. When a lady-killer spanks me, it turns me on. It makes me feel naughty and makes my cunt gush.

“I love it for a skirt chaser to just put me over his knee, pull my knickers down over my ass and just spank me and tell me how bad I’ve been. It makes me grind my snatch into his legs. It receives me so hot that I can’t control myself. I mean, a lady-killer can even use a paddle on my arse. I don’t want to be beat on; I just want to be disciplined a little by a sexy ladies man.”

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Shanie Gaviria: Total Oil Immersion

Shanie Gaviria: Total Baby oil Immersion

Shanie Gaviria: Total Oil Immersion

Wearing a swimsuit at pool side, a bottle of greasy oil nearby, Shanie Gaviria craves to know the answers to those questions:

“Does my a-hole look fine? Do u love my gazoo? How do my mounds look?”

The answers are: Yeah. Totally. Breathtaking.

“They are astronomical,” Shanie says. “I love my tits. It is the sexiest part of my body. I love to toss off my bazookas.”

A adept showgirl, Shanie coats her suckable boobs and curvy body in greasy oil. That babe gleams adore a statue below the Colombian sun as this babe pets her slick cum-hole.

“For me, all hotty’s are impressive, meaty and blessed. I consider that we are a compound of both physical and mental virtues. A guy get to be very gentlemanly and conquer my mind first to receive my attention. Then we will watch what happens next.”

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Brittany Elizabeth: Three Cheers For Big Tits

Brittany Elizabeth: Three Cheers For Larger than average Love bubbles

Brittany Elizabeth: 3 Cheers For Large Tits

Brittany Elizabeth, who was born in Florida and now lives in Hawaii, has an astounding rack that does justice to constricted tops of any kind: tanks, T-shirts, sweaters, tube tops. She overflows her swimsuit tops and bras.

Brittany used to work in a bank. Glamour modeling is much more fun for her and she’s a fan of other super-busty SCORE Girls. That babe has mega-energy and glows with positive vibes so Hawaii is the right place for her to call home.

“I’m marvelous confident,” said Brittany. “I adore having my teats sucked and bit. Giving head truly turns me on. I always drink. My motto is spitters are quitters.”

Brittany was a cheerleader for nine years. “I had sex wearing a cheerleader uniform on the 50-yard line. I haven’t had a three-some but I would consider having one with some other goddess and my spouse.”

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Triangle Of Sex

Triangle Of Sex

Triangle Of Sex

Talk about a sexy wife. Alyssa Lynn and Tony are entertaining Peter at their place. Alyssa has prepared a worthwhile dinner as the boys talk business and she’s looking babely as this babe always does in a taut suit that emphasizes her curves and large whoppers.

Peter is reluctant to talk shop. Tony calls over Alyssa and has her sit on his lap. His pitch is coming. This babe breaks off a piece of bread and feeds her buck. Tony makes Peter an offer that this guy cant refuse. A 50-50 partnership in anything. Including Tony’s hot wife Alyssa. Not 50% of her. Not just her pantoons. Not just her legs. All of Alyssa.

Tony’s not above pimping out his wife to seal this deal and Alyssa is insane to be pimped. He tells Alyssa to feed Peter a piece of bread too. And then feed him her larger than standard hooters likewise. Peter accepts. Why not? Peter gets a fresh business spouse and that ladies man acquires to shag his partner’s sexy husband. The details can be hammered out later.

Tony and Peter stand up and flank Alyssa. She drops to her knees to jack and noisily engulf their dongs. They take her over to the ottoman and their 50-50 deal begins. Since Peter is the guest, he acquires to slip into Alyssa’s taut little pussy-hole first while she blows Tony in the first phase of their triangle of sex!

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Aly Guzman: Fully Loaded Bikini Busting

Aly Guzman: Fully Loaded Swim costume Busting

Aly Guzman: Fully Loaded Bikini Busting

Aly Guzman is a fully loaded bathing suit buster, but don’t take our word for it. The proof, as always, is in the images and clips. Smooth operator, is she sexy!

Our photo team gave Aly a bottle of suntan greasy oil and stepped back as she went total immersion, her greater than run of the mill boobies shining beneath the sun.

“I feel sexually excited when studs like to view me and view what I do. It gives me enjoyment to know how much males love me. They always tell me that I’ve a particular body and that I drive ’em avid. People often stare or say ‘Look at those appealing large mambos.'”

With her rack, Aly is an eye-catcher, coming at ya or walking away.

“I love to draw attention by dressing in a way that shows off my shape. I wear a bra depending on the outfit I’m plan to put on. Sometimes I do not must if I am wearing a top that supports my meatballs.”

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