Who Doesn’t Have A Big Hart-on For Karina Hart?

Who Doesn’t Have A Greater than standard Hart-on For Karina Hart?

Who Doesn't Have A Bigger in size than standard Hart-on For Karina Hart?

“I am not afraid of the camera.” told Karina Hart, a name that figures prominently in the history of the one and the other SCORE and Voluptuous magazines and is a prominent name in the 25th silver anniversary issue of Voluptuous.

“I love to display off and play and be very outgoing, so when I am glamour modeling, yeah, it is very natural. I actually donot think about whether I’m priceless or bad in front of the digi camera.”

Some gals are changed when they start posing.

“I think that sometimes in my intimate life, I can be very coy, and when the digi camera goes on, the real Karina comes out.”

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Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

Can You Keep Up With Sofia Damon?

New air and sunshine do a body nice, and when that body belongs to super-chica Sofia Damon, look out for these big swinging billibongs. They could knock a boy out. The fickle finger of fate pointed at Sofia when she was fourteen and chose her to develop the kind of bra-busting titties that other chicks pay to acquire.

Sofia takes her workout session out side. Running in place, jumping, swinging and hopping, her heavy natural love melons are not strapped down by a sports bra. They’re free to move out of restraint. (Some much smaller-busted gals wear two sports bras when they workout.)

The clip too includes brain-freezing slow motion that can easily make a charmer boob-drunk after a scarcely any minutes. Sofia, who’s in great shape, doesn’t play sports or workout regularly.

After her workout, Sofia receives completely exposed for a different kind of exercise, digital manipulation of her succulent, pink muff.

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Cheryl Blossom: The Busty Bartender

Cheryl Blossom: The Breasty Bartender

Cheryl Blossom: The Big-Boob Bartender

“I think boyz mostly look in my eyes, but if they are looking at my chest, I do not say anything. Sometimes I am not looking at their eyes, either! I adore when a skirt chaser can receive me talking. If I am appreciating the conversation, it doesn’t matter where we are.”

Glamour models should enjoy and Cheryl Blossom resembles she is having joy on-camera, whether it is in a studio or doing web camera exposes.

“I consider myself to be 95% heterosexual. Sometimes my ally and I are on the cam together but everything that happens there is just kidding. Now I’m rencounter more big boobed girls like myself and it’s very thrilling.”

Cheryl takes over the home bar in this shoot and makes the countertop her stage. Gulp up!

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Romanian Rack Attack

Romanian Rack Attack

Romanian Rack Attack

“I adore to flirt, I like to dance, I adore to have pleasure,” told Lana Ivans.

“I go to the Health Lap dancing club to stay in shape and I eat a healthy diet. I eat a lot of corn.”

Corn? Does corn stimulate breast growth? Or is being Romanian the true reason?

“I think it’s our secret,” Lana told with a laugh. “I do not have somebody in my family who’s as larger than run of the mill as me.”

So if a lad urges a big-boobed wife, this chab should look in Romania? “Yeah, for sure!”

Lana has an odd hobby, the kind a nerd has, not a sexy fascinating heart. That babe collects foreign currency and coins.

Some other fitness program Lana follows is sex. “I love to ride on top. You can burn lots of overweight with sex.” One more Romanian secret disclosed here.

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A Taste Of Honey

A Smack Of Honey bunny

A Taste Of Honey

Michelle Honey bunny is a very good-looking beauty with full lips and valuable cheekbones. She is from Vegas.

“I like my bigger in size than average breasts and I enjoy hearing lads make comments about them when I walk pass them,’ told Michelle. “If they didn’t make comments, I would think smth was incorrect with me!”

Michelle once appeared on Tyra Banks’ TV talk brandish and took part in one of Tyra’s “social experiment” shows. She lived in a house called Porntown with a group of other woman adult entertainers. Every beauty assigned herself a “role” in Porntown. The basic idea was to see if there’s a hierarchy or pecking order among different types of girls.

But now back to our own social experiment, which is a lot more straightforward. She and Tony go out for a picnic. Just the 2 of them, plus our cameraman. A big-boobed picnic. Her butt is on the menu in this picnic and Michelle’s position is clear. It’s a-hole up, boobs out.

Michelle’s teats acquire as subrigid as two pencil erasers as that babe is engulfing him off, heatedly tongueing and slurping the pocket-pork. No, she’s definitely not a vegan.

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The Scenic Sights & Beautiful Views Of Korina Kova

The Scenic Sights & Gorgeous Views Of Korina Kova

The Scenic Sights & Attractive Views Of Korina Kova

Wrote SCORE editor Dave in Vol. 28 No. THREE of the mag (the print version is sure to be a fast sell-out), “With all due respect to the other nine cuties in the Beginner of the Year contest, this one wasn’t close. Korina Kova, the hourglass stunner from British Columbia, Canada, took a commanding early lead in the voting and at no time looked back.

“Korina finished with an breathtaking 33.2% of the vote, winning the readers’ and online voting; only Tina Lee had half as many votes. Congratulations to our 1st Canadian Rookie of the Year.”

Winning made Korina feel emotional. Photogenic, dynamic and unbelievably stacked, Korina puts anything that babe has into her vids and pix, a labor of love. Knowing that that babe has all of this admiration and appreciation is a flattering and fulfilling experience for her, a feeling this babe mentioned in a video interview previous to the winner was announced. That babe thank u everyone who voted for her.

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Selena Adams: Boobs, Booty, Sun & Oil

Selena Adams: Bosoms, Booty, Sun & Oil

Selena Adams: Pantoons, Butt, Sun & Oil

It was a sexy, sunny day. Selena Adams made it hotter the second that babe walked without the abode to kick off this glamour photoshoot. Would Selena wear this micro-bikini in public and where would she wear it?

When it comes to swimsuits, less is more skin. There’re handkerchiefs with more material than this dress. Selena twerks, jiggles and shakes her bigger than average bumpers, oils down, purrs in her sexy voice and pats her cookie.

Being watched is a tremendous turn-on for Selena, and watching Selena do everything is a tremendous turn-on.

“Getting boys excited watching me receives me excited.

“One of my kinkiest experiences has to be when I went to the beach with my spouse at the time. We got so sexually excited that we laid a little blanket by the water, not knowing that there was an audience behind us. We started having sex and I got kind of loud. They walked closer to see what I was doing and that indeed turned me on. I haven’t forgotten that night.

“I have to masturbate at least once a day, and I adore sex, whenever and wherever I can acquire it. My much loved place to have sex is actually in the car.”

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