Tina Lee: From Winetaster To Model

Tina Lee: From Winetaster To Model

Tina Lee: From Winetaster To Model

Tina Lee was a wine taster. Now this babe glamour models. An ex-spouse has a subscription to SCORELAND and it was coz of his suggestion that Tina is here. These large tan-lined milk cans draw the eyes like magnets.

“I modeled for about five years previous to SCORE,” said Tina who lives in Paris and enjoys life in that town. “I don’t know any SCORE models but I would love to meet some of them in the future. I’ve viewed some of the beauties from my country and they are captivating. I always felt that I would be in admirable company.

“The kind of dates I go on depends on how I feel. I savour a night of candles and champagne. I truly love to soak in a Jacuzzi. Once I had sex with another female. That babe was very busty, adore me. I’d adore to make like in the Eiffel Tower but that’s a dream that’s not likely to come true.”

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The Girl From Big Titty City New York

The Goddess From Bigger in size than typical Titty Town Recent York

The Hotty From Greater than average Titty City Recent York

Janessa Loren is a dominatrix-bitch who is pleasured of her larger than average whoppers. In fact, larger than average hooters is an understatement about this beauty from large titty town New York. Janessa’s scones are colossal. And all-natural.

Our director has Janessa shake and bounce these flesh-puppies during the time that they’re encased inside her underneath garment. This ladies man has her use her hand to expose how they should be tit-fucked. However, a real man-missile will be between those babies in a short time.

Janessa’s law: a lad needs to know how to properly handle her scones. This woman chaser needs to know how to touch them, how to lick them and how to copulate ’em. A boy who treats her and her zeppelins adore an normal female with C-cups is gonna identify himself out the door quickly!

Since some boys in porn appear to be to need instructions on properly handling whoppers love Janessa’s, she is proactive in teaching lessons on tit-care before bucks can have sex with her. It’s not just for ’em, it is for her, too. Once Janessa is proud with their boob skills, she is ready to reward them with hot and naughty cock-smoking. Then they can slip Janessa Mr. Cheerful and reach enjoyment land.

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Table-top Titillation

Table-top Titillation

Table-top Titillation

Anika, a blue-eyed Swedish golden-haired living in Arizona, plays raquet-ball, works-out at the Fitness Centre, runs and loves to have plenty of sex to keep her mature body in shape.

She’s not just a MILF “type.” In advance of she decided to try movies, websites and magazines, Anika was a real-life Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK. As happens, many vixens approach a certain age and a fresh kind of erotic awareness develops and expands. Exhibitionistic sex becomes a bigger than standard part of their lives. Not all become adult models. Some become intimate married couples or sex experimenters. Others become divorcees on the prowl looking for a-hole calls.

“I’m usually the passive sort,” Anika admitted. “Until I get slutty and then I acquire aggressive. Then I don’t waste time awaiting for a boy to make the 1st move.”

When we meet Anika, she’s sat in the kitchen having a gulp. She’s bored. It is the middle of the afternoon. That babe is dressed to reveal her slim-n-stacked bod and curvacious legs. She needs some pleasure. J.S. arrives to put the f.u. in joy and throws off his shirt, ready for act. Anika takes pride in her dick-sucking skills. Now this babe can apply those skills. Jarrod can not await to stretch her fur pie balls-deep.

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The Sex Rituals of Mamazons Alexis & Shyla

The Sex Rituals of Mamazons Alexis & Shyla

The Sex Rituals of Mamazons Alexis & Shyla

Queen Alexis tells her captive Kevin: “You interest me. I have chosen to believe u. However, until I determine your fate, u will be in bondage to me and my pet.”

The queen has him drink a potion brewed by her witch doctor Daylene Rio, that trips him out. Alexis and Shyla initiate their takeover of Kevin. Alexis leads the way for her concubine, Shyla. She makes Shyla do the hottest things to Kevin, following her lead.

They share his shlong in the hut, the two of ’em sucking his knob jointly. They alternate being tit-fucked and they twist and turn their pliant bodies into jungle-wild three-some screwing poses.

Ass-queen Alexis is meat-speared in her backdoor. They offer their king-size flesh-jugs to his spurting weenie and are anointed by his seed. This is life in the Mamazon jungle. Survival of the tittest.

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Heavenly Body Luna

Heavenly Body Luna

Heavenly Body Luna

When Luna Bunny was asked what that babe urges to do that that babe hasn’t already done, the stacked psych first-year student told, “I would like to go on a rollercoaster with my eyes open.” Whether or not Luna will receive around to doing that, we’re cheerful that this babe is already ridden the rollercoaster at SCORE with her dark-brown eyes wide-open.

When Luna’s not sat at the front of the class crossing and uncrossing her shapely legs and wearing low-cut tops to fluster her professors, or masturbating and role-playing on-cam whilst her viewers jerk, this babe is playing movie games, looking at Youtube episodes, reading or watching Netflix episodes.

Luna came along, operative word “came,” at the right time. SCORE needed a hawt beauty to couple off with a curvy youthful blonde in a hot trio with a skirt chaser. A not many names were mentioned. Luna was exactly the right hotty with the right view the right time. The matching of golden-haired and brunette added contrast to the eye candy.

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Wanted! More SCORE WILFs Like Jayden Prescott

Wanted! More SCORE WILFs Love Jayden Prescott

Wanted! More SCORE WILFs Love Jayden Prescott

Not tons of readers would ask their wives or girlfriends if that babe would like to be in a men’s mag.

Jayden Prescott and her hubby saw the classified ad in BeaScoreModel.com and this charmer encouraged Jayden to give it a chance.

Over the years, there have been some, but few, adult models whose husbands let ’em do a boy-girl XXX scene with a stranger while that Lothario stayed home and worked. Kelly Christiansen. Shelby Gibson. It is still uncommon. Keep in mind that Jayden had by no means modeled or even danced previous to this babe came to SCORE.

Jayden proves how great and adept that babe is at sex with deep throating, flexible banging positions and deep anal. This sweetheart has a lucky boyfriend at home.

“It’s easy to do smth u like,” Jayden said. “When I was 20, if you’d told me I would do this, I would’ve said you were avid. But I like it. It’s so much joy! My boyfriend has been a browser since 1993, and his dream was for me to be in the mag and on SCORELAND.”

His own personal SCORE centerfold. Worthy things can happen to those who dare to fantasy large.

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Bahama Beauty

Bahama Dish

Bahama Beauty

The prettiest and bustiest sailor in the Royal Welsh Navy (at least in daydreams), Lorna Morgan was originally a television and video casting agent. Then her career changed.

‘My agent, who’s a friend of mine, suggested I’ve a go. But she was not an agent for modeling so this babe gave me the phone number of an agency in London and I went to London with a pair of snapshots of me, just topless.

“And, when I got there, they just asked me to do a scarcely any shots and they signed me up str8 away. And, within about two weeks, I had this glamour photoshoot with a photographer in London. And that was just so much enjoyment. I really enjoyed it. But I did not continue glamour modeling for very long. I merely modeled for a couple of months, and then I avoided. I prevented for about two years then I started back up anew.”

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