The Name Is Bond

The Name Is Bond

The Name Is Bond

Miss Bond looks very corporate-proper overall. Although the see-thru blouse over the undergarment is pushing it a bit, Michelle Bond could easily wear that in an office but she tends to keep her natural assets low-key at work those days.

Michelle sheds her formal outfit, takes out her 34H-cup fun bags, and whips out smth to play with…something that is not typical office equipment.

Life imitates art cuz Michelle now works in an office in an important capacity. She used to work in a hotel. “I organized events, adore weddings and conferences and things love that. Meetings. I loved it cuz I’m very bossy. I like to organize things. I’ve lists for everything. I am a very organized person, so it was just my speed. I did it for eight years.”

Michelle doesn’t seem adore a bossy beauty but sweethearts who look love her can beautiful much rule all they survey.

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A Girl & Her Bicycle

A Girl & Her Bicycle

A Angel & Her Bicycle

Codi Vore is a biker playgirl in this photo-shoot. Well, this babe is got a bicycle. Codi looks hot wearing eyeglasses. Piece by piece, her petticoat, knickers and layered top come off. This babe leaves her high socks on as this babe plays with her great, large American love melons and fur-trimmed pussy. Using high-tech, this babe will even masturbate hands-free in public.

“I masturbate a lot,” Codi said. “I have a little sex toy that I am constantly using. I am very sensitive on my nipples. I am too indeed sensitive on my clit, so I cant have truly strong vibration, but my marital-device is actually admirable, and it is remote-controlled. I originally bought it for someone to use on me whilst I was wearing it in public. I’ve used it in public, and it’s the sexiest thing ever.

“It even lights up, and it’s actually smooth for insertion, which is valuable. I am indeed tight, so I need something that is a little smaller, and it is actually discreet. I can wear it in public and you’d at not time know I was getting myself off. I’ll just put it in my briefs and lay it flat on my clitoris. I generally do not put it up my cookie, but I do sometimes. I am always worried it is too loud.”

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JO Encouragment By Kelly Christiansen

JO Encouragment By Kelly Christiansen

JO Encouragment By Kelly Christiansen

Did life change for Kelly Christiansen after becoming a hot body adult model and doing a few hardcore scenes?

“I think I told that was one of the reasons I got into this, that I wanted to boost my confidence,” SCORE WILF Kelly told. “It worked! I am definitely not as coy as I used to be. That’s definitely a good thing for me. I mean, now I can just walk up to somebody and talk to ’em about everything. Especially my love muffins. I can definitely talk to anybody about my mounds.”

And if a stranger now compliments her about her zeppelins? “If a guy came up to me and said, ‘You have nice bosoms…,’ I would just be love, ‘Thank u,’ I think. What do you say? But now, I am adore, ‘Oh, yeah, u crave to watch them?’ Although not also many people recognize me, even now.

“Before I sauntered into the studio the first time, I actually, honestly didn’t think I could pose, and coming in and having such a precious time and seeing the magazines, definitely, I couldn’t make almost certainly of it. It was great.

That babe watches her hardcore scenes when the mood strikes.

“When u observe it, you are love, ‘Oh, wow! That is kinda hot!’ When you’re doing it, you are not thinking about the end-product or what it’s intend to look love. You’re into the moment of it. You do not must see what your body has the appearance of in the different poses and how you indeed look during the time that you are getting fucked, so it’s wonderful to step back and say, ‘Hey, that looks precious!’ The thing is, I would at not time had sex on-camera in advance of and viewed myself. My spouse and I were watching one of my DVDs and got all sexy and heavy and into it, and he was adore, ‘Wait, let me rewind!’ We lay there and had sex while I was having sex. It was surreal. Totally different.”

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A Natural Knockout

A Natural Knockout

A Natural Knockout

Lara Jones has it all. A ally told her about an American company called The SCORE Group that specializes in photographing big-boobed cuties and incredibly recommended that babe check us out.

Lara had not at all modeled professionally in advance of but she took to it very quickly. Her decision to try baring her fantastic body on-camera is a SCORE man’s nice luck. Lara has a stunning body and fullsome funbags in each sense of the word. This photo discharge was discharged with a typical lens, not a wide-angle lens that makes milk shakes look bigger, as smartphones do.

“When I need to buy a fresh bra, I must try it previous to I buy it,” said Lara, who measures 44-32-38. “For me, the majority admirable undergarment for a normal day is a sports brassiere. I love to take long walks in the park when the weather is priceless. I need a bra that’s comfortable and doesn’t trouble me when I take walks, ride my bike and take fitness classes. I always wear a beneath garment except when I go to a topless beach. Intend to topless beaches means I was previously comfortable showing my zeppelins.

“I truly feel astonishing about the attention I acquire. I like to be admired. I will costume in a way that makes my melons look hawt but tasteful. I thought carefully about bare modeling so I hope that everyone likes me.”

We guarantee they will.

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Gagged and shackled, Vanessa Y. struggles on the sofa to escape. A red cord crisscrosses her big billibongs and hair-lined snatch. Some villain in darksome has got the Polish princess in his dastardly grips.

He plays with her curvy body and big fullsome funbags like she’s a life-sized doll. Turning Vanessa over on her elbows and knees, the mystery petticoat chaser spanks her and opens her ass cheeks apart to examine her thick pussy lips and abundant bush. When his strange urges are pleasured, he leaves her tied on the sofa, high and dry.

Vanessa manages to release herself but that babe is so lustful from being dominated by this black-gloved stranger that that babe needs to cum so this babe dominates her love tunnel herself. It turns out that Vanessa loves a bit of fetish and fantasy kink, so being tied and spanked turns her on.

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Bra Show Time

Undergarment Brandish Time

Bra Flaunt Time

Buying the right bras is a defiance for Princess Pumpkins. She told this babe can at no time discover the absolutely perfect brassiere. Her suitcase is loaded with bras and she tries some of ’em on in this photo-shoot.

Princess commented about sex. She used to be demure. She is coy no longer.

“As a cam adult model, I marvelous much spend all day playing with myself. Tons of the things boys ask for is obviously boobie stuff, but one time in a during the time that I’ll acquire lots of lads who crave penetration, and the toys are in my bawdy cleft for a lengthy time. I have had toys in my cookie for hours.

“My carnal dream is I’d be blindfolded and tied-up doggie-style. Behind me, three girls dressed as comic book characters with huge strap-ons would take turns fucking me, with some DOUBLE PENETRATION, and I’d at no time know what 10-Pounder is going in me next.

“I’ve had many experiences with cuties. The naughtiest one was when I was eating a angel out during the time that her girlfriend was behind me just pounding my love tunnel non-stop with a marital-device. It was breathtaking.

Yes, Princess has lost her timidity.

“What satisfies me is very fast and unfathomable penetration with the thickest of dildos and cocks. I’ve had sex in public many times. The fear of getting caught is terrifying but that makes it all that much hotter, right?”

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Tit Chat With Alexsis

Tit Chat With Alexsis

Tit Chat With Alexsis

Alexsis Faye talks to our photographer in this exclusive episode. It took some time to set up a photo discharge with Alexsis and now it’s time to learn a scarcely any things about this hot redhead.

Alexsis loves to voyage…Germany, Spain and other European countries. Going to greater than typical electronic music festivals is one of her much loved ways to party. She’ll wear taut tops that unveil plenty of deep cleavage but that babe usually won’t flash her tits, and this babe mentioned that gals see her more than lads.

Alexsis’ English is magnificant and her accent is delightsome. Her personality is pleased, flirtatious and lively. When this babe takes her larger than standard, natural love bubbles out of her bra and touches ’em, this babe receives more brazen. This is a enjoyment goddess.

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