Buxom Bather

Curvacious Bather

Buxom Bather

“I like to costume in hot lingerie for a husband,” said Stefania Kinskih, a cutie with big, real, tan-lined mounds and a seductive look. Stefania was recent to showing off her body when SCORE found her.

“I usually do not have sex on the 1st date,” she told. “There has to be a connection and the lady-killer has to be very interesting to me. There has to be an thrilling chemistry right from the initiate. I’m selective. This dude has to be marvelous and well-mannered and very masculine. Even then, I will probably make him expect.

“I like to rubdown my love bubbles. I will use man-juice or oil. I do it very gently, not rock hard, and that is how I like bucks to do it for me. This is healthy for the pointer sisters and it too gives me plenty of fun. I by no means thought I would be doing this with a lady-killer photographing me. I thought that chaps love that were degenerates, but the SCORE staff is hospitable and polite. I detected myself enjoying it and I adore the idea of males watching me do it and giving them fun. I am very proud of my mounds.”

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Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves

One of the actually great things about Daylene Rio, furthermore the obvious, is her attitude. That babe embraces the fact that she is a fuck-toy for dudes. Daylene does what that babe does and proceeds to do it because this babe knows that as long as that babe is Daylene, she’s a fuck-toy, here to get men shooting their loads over her. This attitude is one of the reasons for her longevity when countless others all over the world have left porn after a scarcely any months or a pair of years.

“I at no time wait for a lady-killer to make his move,” Daylene said. “I have sex whenever I’m wanton, and that is a lot. I wake up in the morning with my hand under my knickers. When I wanna bonk, I do not play games like other angels.”

A porno star and escort, Daylene was born to make bucks happy, and she knows she has the smoldering sex drive, hawt body and big milk shakes for raw, nasty sex.

Her shag buddy in this scene asks Daylene what this babe would call herself: a obscene gal or a valuable, worthy, old-fashioned angel?

“No, I am a messy bitch all the way,” this babe says. “I wanna relish. Spit over ding-dong and engulf it.”

Daylene gets on her knees and plays with her mellons. That babe fingers her pussy. By this time, she’s begging for a dicking. It is time for her to open her legs and acquire rogered.

We ask u again: Is Daylene Rio one of the hottest sex-kittens ever at SCORE?

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Contessa Will Be Your Server

Contessa Will Be Your Server

Contessa Will Be Your Server

Big busted girl-next-door Contessa Rose works the bar in her tight cocktail server outfit and high heels. No belts! A Georgia resident, Contessa knows that all night, a hundred eyes have checked out her swinging ass-cheeks and her bouncing fun bags. Now the night shift is over. Now comes personal time.

Contessa sits down and rubs her pink, hairless slit and squeezes her firm, heavy wobblers. “I’m an exhibitionist,” Contessa told. “Anything that involves the outside or groups of people or even one lad watching me turns me on. One of my much loved fantasies is being an stripper and hot cocktail waitress. Being on stage and showing my body off. I wanted to try some of that dream here!”

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A Different Angle

A Different Angle

A Different Angle

SCORE‘s specially designed glass table was athletic to capture a point-of-view rarely watched in men’s entertainment photography. Early on, it was decided that glass coffee tables were too flimsy and dangerous, but the glass on this table could hold several hundred pounds. Over the years, such famous names as Diane Poppos and Melissa Manning have climbed on the table and crammed their scones and booties against the glass while our photographers got underneath them and snapped away.

Hitomi was a natural to try it out, and the results are, once afresh, top-notch. First, a lengthy, unbending check out her phenomenal body and spectacular billibongs. Beautiful Hitomi begins this photo discharge dressed in a taut under garment, knickers and nylons. The under garment is tossed, freeing her wobblers so they can dangle and hang.

After breast-play pics, Hitomi kicks off her high-heeled pumps and climbs onto the table, standing in stockinged feet for full-body shots. Next, Hitomi’s bigger than run of the mill scones and booty are squished against the glass. In some photos, this babe lies on her super-slim back. In others, this babe playfully sticks out her long tongue. And no photo set of Hitomi is whole out of her patented V sign. Domo arigato until next time, Hitomi.

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There’s a Naked Girl In The Kitchen

There is a Nude Beauty In The Kitchen

There's a Bare Gal In The Kitchen

Dulcinea is in the kitchen. How do u like your pie? Served by a breasty dark brown in underware? A beautiful hotty with large naturals tits and a full-moon ass? Dulcinea is serving. Anyway making pies, she’s got the magic touch at wood-making.

SCORELAND: Are car shoulder thongs comfortable for u? Almost all chicks with big meatballs say no.

Dulcinea: Not exactly, but I just put mine in betwixt my pointer sisters and it’s all precious.

SCORELAND: Do you ever store things in your deep cleavage?

Dulcinea: I would but I quit wearing bras over a year agone so now I am sure everything would just fall out!

SCORELAND: You keep actually busy. Do u have time for hobbies?

Dulcinea: My hobbies are art and design. In my spare time I love to take and edit fotos, work with graphic design, write and read. My web site keeps me very busy. I do not truly adore sports. I’m involved with the swinger community and swap often, in groups. That is my sport!

SCORELAND: Do u have any peculiar talents?

Dulcinea: I adore to stimulate fellows with my melons. I suppose they discover it visually appealing and arousing and it’s my prefered way to receive a facial sperm flow!

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Three The Hard Way

3 The Unbending Way

Three The Unyielding Way

When Dellon sees Natasha Sweet talking on her phone whilst waiting for gentlemen to approach her, this chab yells, “Even her love muffins have milk shakes!” That gent and his bro Max were out looking for a gal with large breasts to party with. Max told he knew a street populated by hookers with king-size titties. They drove over and sure enough, there’s the remarkable Natasha Sweet, ripe for the plucking.

Natasha walks over to their car. She cant speak fluent English but she doesn’t have to. Dellon and Max go potty over her. That is the ordinary effect that babe has on boyz, and when he is a diehard tit-man, they go even crazier. Natasha is ready for some fuck fun right away and a two-guy sausage party is worthy with her.

After they drive Natasha back to their pad, this babe is on their dicks as pretty soon as they walk in. Each ladies man takes a breast and gets busy mouthing and licking it. Natasha sucks and jerks every jock, taking turns with her lips and hands. The guys frantically aid her strip so they can stretch her out on the ottoman, one man to pump her soaked cookie, the other to acquire his banging schlong and balls blown by her adept throat. Then they switch sides. Natasha is one spectacular specimen of a mistress and gushes hawt sex. They’ll be wiped out and drained dry by the time she gets done with ’em.

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Her First Fuck

Her 1st Bonk

Her First Fuck

“Maybe I’ll become a porn star!” Contessa Rose said when she banged for the 1st time at SCORELAND. She’s also a star of the feature film, Boob Science, a sci-fi parody that featured an all-star cast including Girl Gee.

“I fantasize about so many things, adore being an gogo dancer or banging total strangers. Becoming a adult star was some other dream. I was nervous doing my 1st porn episode. I felt this strange mix of passion and fear but it felt admirable, love an adrenaline rush. Now I’m willing for more and I know I can handle it!”

Contessa not ever did become a porno star. In fact, this babe absolutely vanished. She only appeared at SCORE, no other studios. If there is anyone who fits the expression, “girl-next-door,” this babe is the one with her creamy white skin, ginger hair, wholesome appearance and marvelous, country-girl looks. The kind of gal every stud would adore to bonk.

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