Liza Biggs – Busty Burlesk

Big-Boob Burlesk

Busty Burlesk

Vintage-era burlesque troupes and brandishes have been revived in many cities in new years, their movers and shakers inspired by the brilliance years of classic striptease that began to disappear in the mid-1960s. They’re astonishing in their recreation of a milder time with elaborate costumes and props.

No striptease star of the past or present comes close to the boob size of anatomy reward winner Liza Biggs. Liza recreates her own version of a classic burlesque queen, filmed in a way that echoes the golden age.

Later in her spectacle, Liza does what no old-school burlesque would have done on stage and does what a newer generation of clothing-peelers began doing in the early 1970s in hold-outs love the Melody Burlesk in Fresh York Town. Combining both kinds of bumping-and-grinding and making them her own, Liza would have murdered the audiences in those wiggle rooms back then with her nice-looking rack and hawt moves. This babe is a tempest in a JJJ-cup.

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Cathy Heaven – Heaven Can’t Wait

Heaven Can not Await

Heaven Cant Wait

“I adore sport bras,” says Cathy Heaven. After taking a shower that includes some finger-fucking, Cathy tries on some bras. “But the nicer-looking elegant ones too, which I can merely find in peculiar shops adore Ann Summers where they have G or GG cup sizes. I adore bras that unveil plenty of deep cleavage.”

Cathy told something that Spanish adult star Sandra Milka told. “I fulfilled all my dreams adore Dual Penetration or even double anal.” Becoming a porn star was the way they made their dreams come true.

Cathy doesn’t get to receive too “out there” to have an orgasmic time. “What satisfies me almost all of all is getting my vagina well-fucked. I try to have sex daily if I can.” Sometimes the majority basic ways are the unsurpassable.

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Jolie Rain – Takin’ A Ride In The RV

Takin’ A Ride In The RV

Takin' A Ride In The RV

This was Jolie Rain’s 1st XXX at Scoreland. You are about to watch this redheaded, nipple-pierced girl-next-door and Army vet get rogered in a motor home.

“My sex fantasies always involve wheels, usually outside…I think about having sex on the hood of a muscle car at a race track or inside a HUMMV. Doing it in a motor home for SCORE got me very hawt. I was juicy previous to we even began fooling around. There is just smth about engulfing a man’s dick in a car that is so hawt and hawt that I feel love there’s electricity flowing throughout my love tunnel.”

Jolie was working as a bartender in a “sleazy place” and one of the boys playing in the band that day bugged out when this stud saw the tank-top wearing redhead. This chab was a SCORE reader and practically begged her to apply for glamour modeling assignments.

“I hadn’t really thought about myself too much as being accustomed to do this,” said Jolie. “I thought it had to be cuties with so much going on, and I felt that I’m this little high school gal trying to relish. But that guy told me, ‘No, I’ve a ally who likes it, and u are so impressive that I would die just to watch you.’ I thought that if he’s just a boy in a band who would like to see me in it, that would give me the confidence to do it. So I went online to SCORELAND, and I loved the web page. I was turned on the minute I saw it.”

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Veronika – She’ll Starch Your Shorts

She’ll Starch Your Shorts

She'll Starch Your Shorts

After bra-laundry time, Veronika is ready to give us another hot mambos & gazoo flaunt during the time that her bras hang on a clothesline in her garden. It’s more wonderful than Veronika reading a magazine during the time that she waits!

“I consider myself 100% sexually liberated,” said Veronika. “To make a living at doing what I adore…is there everything more amazing than that for me? I do not think so.”

In her free time, Veronika enjoys cooking (adore majority Czech cuties) and playing online games adore Solitaire. This babe craves to visit Asia, especially Thailand.

“I usually have sex each second day and I love a beefy ladies man. I’m passive that way. I’ve had sex out side (“Jugtastic Swimming pool side Pounder”) where there was privacy but not at any time in public.”

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Ivana Gita – Tits & Tugs

Pantoons & Tugs

Tits & Tugs

Ivana was declared a big busted legend by many tit-men when it became clear this babe was not going to model one time more after her brief time in 1998. Then out of the blue, Ivana emailed SCORE and said she wanted to discharge. That babe wrote that that babe was an H-cupper, but this babe looks much bigger than an H.

After her return scene, the comments rolled in, almost any of them from life-long breast fellows who knew her from her past. Wrote Booblover, “Wow! I do remember Ivana from the late ’90s, and she has of course grew some (and I do not mean gruesome). What a tremendous set of hangers! Please get her back ASAP. BTW, what is her nationality?”

Ivana is Czech, which should come as no surprise. This miniature country has been kicking North America’s arse for years when it comes to naturally stacked glamour models, a situation that deeply saddens us.

In a quick encore, Ivana takes her now-enormous knockers and buries a volunteer’s face and jock in ’em and gives him a hand job, a tit job and a oral sex. She cups her gloriously gargantuan gazongas and, during the time that looking on with expectant eyes, gets ’em slathered with man-goo for the grand finale.

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Alexya – The Allure of Alexya

The Allure of Alexya

The Allure of Alexya

Being Alexya’s next-door-neighbor would definitely have its perks, as these photos prove. The entire neighborhood would come out to watch this beautiful brunette trim her hedges. At least the menfolk, if not their wives. Wonder if that babe has a swimming pool, too.

“I can see where studs are looking. It makes me feel valuable,” says soft-spoken Alexya. “I need to costume carefully when I go out. If I wear a suit with a top that unveils too much, then I must have somebody with me.”

Alexya talks sex.

“Sometimes I’ve sex two or 3 times a day, sometimes 2 or three times a week. It depends on if I’ve the time. I’d very much adore to have sex with a hubby and several other men. If I have a boyfriend, I love to put on a flaunt for him with masturbation 1st.”

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Carmen Hayes – Ballin’ Carmen Hayes

Ballin’ Carmen Hayes

Ballin' Carmen Hayes

You wouldn’t think Carmen Hayes is also a basketball star, would you? We know this babe is a SCORE star. We know that babe has gigantic knockers and a hawt gazoo. We know she can put her ankles behind her neck and can screw in that position. We know that babe totally drains the nuts of any Lothario who has the opportunity to stuff her hoop. (Just check out Carmen in the video Big busted Hookers.)

In this SCORE Movie, we take u behind the scenes at a stadium that cannot be named and to the ladies locker room, where Carmen exposes, one time one more time, why she’s a champ at stopping the clock and pumping the weenie. Fortunately, the other players on Carmen’s female-dominator basketball team have already exited after the large game so Carmen can initiate The Greater than standard Unveil for her fuck-friend.

There’re times when Mommy Nature gets it right and mixes anything into one flawless package. In the case of curvaceous Carmen Hayes, nature got it more than right. This woman has it all: perfect bigger in size than average bazookas, perfect booty, jaw-dropping legs, brains, a marvelous smile and the ability to put her legs behind her neck and more. And did we mention that babe can’t live with out to take up with the tongue each drop of cum?

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