Cassandra For Rent

Cassandra For Rent

Cassandra For Rent

Bros before hos? Shag that, Jack. U and hos cum 1st, and your focus is on stacked babes athletic just adore Cassandra Calogera. Now here’s the question. If u were driving alone on some hillbilly road and Cassandra came without the bushes clothed to bonk and looking for action, what would u do? After u asked her what the screw a hotty like her was doing in a deserted place adore this, ‘coz this sure as hell is not the Las Vegas Disrobe.

Our hero stops for her, waves some mean green and gets down to business on her bigger in size than average boobs. She sucks his pecker like a champ in the car, then they head to his ottoman for a sexy pipe-fitting. He busts his nut on Cassandra’s large jugs and his next move is to send her on her way back to Mommy or whatever the copulate her bookkeeper’s name is. Cassandra was one pleasant ride. This babe may have burned plenty of his gas but this babe gave him lots of cushioned arse. Now all this man has to do is receive her with out his place unless he hires her as a full-time live-in maid. That could add up but she’d be worth it.

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Sweater Busters

Sweater Busters

Sweater Busters

Sweaters are for stretching and busting. In this clip montage, we feature a diverse group of expert bra-destroyers to demonstrate: Hitomi, Jenna Valentine, Melissa Manning and the utmost top-annihilator Beshine.

“I was fitted when I was 16 and not quite passed out when they told me I was a G-cup,” Melissa once told in the SCORE models’ dressing room. “I did not know that size existed.” Melissa needs to buy stretchy tops.

As for Beshine who’s gone even larger up top, the German busen star said “I am truly satisfied of my marangos, and I love when guys see me. Sometimes they are coyness and make make almost certainly of they’re not looking. It is okay. I think that is cute.”

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SaRenna Acquires It On With Minka

SaRenna Gets It On With Minka

SaRenna Gets It On With Minka

With all six Tit-ans assembled for Mega-Boob Olympics, one of the 1st team-ups was this merger of SaRenna and Minka in their 1st real boob-to-boob pictorial. Although SaRenna and Minka knew every other well after sailing together on Boob Cruise ’97 and ’98, they had by no means played adore this. View how their supertits mesh. SaRenna and Minka could not work out whether to concentrate on every other’s boobies or on each other’s bawdy cleft, so they compromised and decided to concentrate on the one and the other. Even though this babe has a wonderful bush, Minka’s nice-looking fine with that razor. On today, for Minka and SaRenna, the opportunity was ripe for them to need to know every other better. Licking and squeezing and bumping their king-size meatballs only hardened their nipples more.

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The Busty Bunny In A Cat Suit

The Big-Boob Bunny In A Cat Dress

The Breasty Bunny In A Cat Suit

That cat suit is love a second skin over Holly Wood‘s curvacious body. Look how her full moon ass sticks out and her enormous love muffins thrust forward. The high heels arch Holly’s back for that extra oomph!

SCORELAND: Do you identify yourself touching your melons out of thinking about it?

Holly: Constantly! How did you know?

SCORELAND: ‘cuz we’re boob scientists and we know these things. U too store things in your deep cleavage.

Holly: I haven’t met a breasty playgirl who doesn’t! Totally guilty! Keys, phone, I.D., money, it’s very convenient.

SCORELAND: And your zeppelins have fallen without your top in public.

Holly: Yeah. Many times when I am out stripping. I always wear low-cut dresses and tops, and I am very guilty of flashing those around me!

SCORELAND: Guilty as charged. What is smth you’ve attempted, but won’t at all do afresh?

Holly: I’m a very open minded person. And off the top of my head I can not think of everything. You can not ever say not at all!

SCORELAND: Do you read the comments that your fans write about you and are there any that u loved? You’ve sent us some.

Holly: I indeed read all of ’em! I love my fans and love knowing that they love what they see and wish more!

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The cutie can not aid showing her love bubbles and pussy

The cutie can not help showing her love bubbles and wet crack

The gal can not aid showing her bra-busters and pussy

Here’s how much Angela likes to widen and reveal and shag her wet crack on-camera. In 2006, we asked Angela to have a friend snap a bunch of fotos of herself at home and around city in Sydney, Australia. This babe did, and the results can be seen elsewhere on this web page. But even though we didn’t ask Angela to take off her hawt outfit, she did. This babe widen her love tunnel, too.

“I just couldn’t resist,” Angela said. “Whenever I see the digi camera and know boyz are intend to be looking at my photos and wanking off to them, I just receive unbelievably concupiscent and slutty.”

Here, Angela does it all, showing off her G-cup naturals, spreading her black hole and screwing her muff with a sex tool. What was she thinking about during the time that she was doing those things?

“You guys!” she told. “Really, I was! I do it all for you. And for me, certainly!”

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Jasmine’s Ass Picnic

Jasmine’s Gazoo Picnic

Jasmine's Butt Picnic

It’s a peaceful, sunny afternoon, the flawless weather for Jasmine Dark-skinned to bring a blanket to the fields and just lazy-day the afternoon away. This babe kicks off her slides and lays down on the blanket. This babe is looking hot in her two-piece outfit that flaunts tons of skin. But Jasmine looks restless. This babe receives up, looks around, then takes off her top to disclose a sexy pink bra supporting fetching, unfathomable breast valley. A cutie her age has a lot of sex juices flowing. She is always in heat and this day is no different.

Jasmine receives nude on the blanket and gives herself an arousing rub-down. Suddenly this babe bolts upright. Carlos, a local sleazy pervert has been staring at her, wanking off. This chap approaches Jasmine with his penis sticking without his fly. This babe could knee him but her hormones receive the better of her. She looks at the shlong and need to engulf it–suck it full and deep. Jasmine opens her legs for a bawdy cleft banging. More engulfing and spitting pursue their first coupling. Jasmine licks the balls and jerks the shaft hard with her little hands. They do it sideways and build up a head of steam. The air is filled with the flesh-slapping sound of his body pounding against hers. Her booty is so inviting that doggie need to be next on the menu.

Jasmine kneels in advance of him and takes each inch of hawt beef. That skirt chaser fingers her backdoor, probing the way. In a squatting position, Jasmine is plugged from underneath. This beauty truly loves to be rammed with shlong. And lastly, this babe is warmed up and ready for her butthole to be plundered. Her hand guides his pecker lazily into her constricted anal opening and one time deep in place, they commence to copulate very unyielding. Jasmine supplicates him to copulate her lubed butt and rubs her twat as her booty is gang rogered. Her sultry groaning at not time stops. Carlos straddles her chest and holds her boobies together whilst Jasmine jerks his meat fast and hard. This smooth operator cums all over her large fullsome funbags to her delighted approval in one of the rare times when a porn smooth operator doesn’t do the jacking himself.

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A Tit Wank Fantasy

A Tit screw Dream

A Tit jerk off Fantasy

Student body contest winner Katie Thornton doesn’t mean to stir up bother on the campus. She’s just muscular that way, as the saying goes, and that babe dresses to impress. What do they want her to do, wear a mu-mu? No way, not this girl. When Katie bounces on her way to class, each lady-killer freezes and the lady students and teachers give her immodest looks. Katie just smiles and goes her cheerful way whilst the boob-drunk boys fantasize about having a cheerful ending with her.

The principal has gotten sufficient reports about bubbly Miss Thornton to launch a serious investigation. That Lothario promises to look into the new transfer from a British girls’ school. She arrives at his office so that chap can address this situation but she’s not worried or afraid. No way, not this hotty.

The first thing that babe does in his office is introduce herself in her own particular way. It is a very special way. The sight of her amazing body and greater than run of the mill funbags stuns him senseless. The second thing Katie does to the now-paralyzed educator is to pull his pointer without his trousers, stick it in her throat, suck it, jug-jerk it and jack off it until this fellow busts all over her bigger in size than standard, full bust. That buck is now learned what Katie majors in. Now she can go back to class.

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