A Date With Casca Akashova

A Date With Casca Akashova

A Date With Casca Akashova

While Casca Akashova is primping in the bath, getting willing for date night with Oliver Flynn, he’s in sofa fully dressed, surfing the net on his phone and complaining about expecting.

Valuable things come to these who wait but there’re these who can not await to come, the result of today’s instant gratification, no-waiting society. So when Casca walks into the bedroom in a hot outfit, Oliver acquires an eyeful and can’t control himself. The date is postponed whilst they get down to getting down.

This chab starts making out with Casca and that babe returns the passion, sucking his weenie and squeezing her scoops together for a tit-fucking. Casca spreads her legs open for Oliver’s tongue on her bald muff.

Now ready for the dick, Casca’s legs are widen wider for Oliver to penetrate her and pump with unfathomable strokes. Then it is Casca’s turn to pump. That babe likes to squeeze her bumpers and rub her clitoris when this babe is getting banged. Making the sounds of erotic fun, she receives on top and bounces on his pole in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, a free hand rubbing his nuts. This babe desires him to pop and that petticoat chaser does, all over her beautiful face. Casca has a way of eye-banging that drives bucks barmy.

When Casca initially debuted, SCORE mag editor Dave advised blog readers who kept asking about hardcore to be patient, even though we did not know whether Casca would spread her fur pie, let alone give a decision to do XXX. Patience is anything.

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Nyx Monroe: Slam Dance

Nyx Monroe: Slam Dance

Nyx Monroe: Slam Dance

Freshly drilled, Nyx Monroe cups her larger than typical pointer sisters and sticks out her tongue for JMac’s load of man-lava. After her mambos are coated and her throat is filled, Nyx cleans his meat-thermometer with her tongue. This babe looks straight into the digi camera lens and rubs the goo into her breast flesh and licks her cum-coated fingers.

But we’re getting ahead of things.

It all began when Nyx, a dancer in the Baltimore area, gave JMac a twerking, boob-jiggling exotic dance in a bedroom. We hear Nyx’s voice as she gives him the grind, her sexy thoughts about what she likes to do to lads and what that babe can’t live out of boys to do to her.

Guided to the daybed, Nyx gets cosseted, JMac’s hands squeezing, rubbing and feeling up her large funbags and slapping her vibrating arse cheeks. This chab tosses her on the bed and helps her disrobe. That babe is a vocal goddess and doesn’t hold back in her sounds of pleasure. She is truly into relishing herself and her partners.

Opening her face hole wide, Nyx swallows his wang, drooling all over it, jerking, engulfing, licking with tongue. She lies on her back and holds her marangos together to give him the pleasure of a tit-fuck. Getting on top, Nyx screws his penis as rigid as this woman chaser shags her hairless slit. Hard, fast, coarse.

Nyx switches positions and sticks his knob back inside. Now that babe gets to feel his patented headlock screw, her legs up in the air and pinned by his arms under her knees. Only the most-flexible gals can handle this position and Nyx is up for it, and much more.

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The 44KK Minka Experience

The 44KK Minka Experience

The 44KK Minka Experience

That number 44KK is the cup size of Minka‘s bra. With Minka, breast-sex is a totally unique experience. The archetypal dong is lost in Minka’s deep cleavage.

Minka is in cougar mode and flaunts her teeth as Carlos licks her exposed, super-boobs. She truly guides his head with her hand in a very dominating way. That babe has a challenging, come-fuck-me light in her eyes that is very aggressive and she gives him a major workout.

Her voice has a demanding, urgent tone and her lips form a snarl as she talks sex. Carlos finds that Minka’s constricted, shiny-wet cunt is a pleasurable fit for his pipe and her nipples noticeably lengthen and stiffen when he sucks ’em.

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Victoria’s Bra Secret: Big Tits & A Big Toy

Victoria’s Brassiere Secret: Big Mangos & A Larger than average Toy

Victoria's Brassiere Secret: Bigger than run of the mill Zeppelins & A Bigger than typical Toy

A most-wanted hot golden-haired, Victoria Lobov spends the afternoon in the garden, trying on bras and filling up her tight muff with a thick sweetheart stick. With a chap or with a toy, Victoria must cum.

“I like playing with my pierced love button, pulling the piercing and sticking a finger in my cum-hole,” Victoria explained. “Once it’s all succulent, I switch to the use of a sextoy and go deep in and out until it makes me cum.”

Large melons have changed Victoria’s lifestyle.

“I love how I look. I adore the looks I get. I adore how my bras are filled up with volume. I appreciate the attention, but it is primarily for me. I always wear a underneath garment coz of how bigger in size than run of the mill my marangos are. The solely time I don’t wear a brassiere is when I have sex or if I am out tanning.

“I used to run five miles or more. I used to bike. I used to have a roadbike. Nowadays I acquire to be careful. I can’t run cuz of the size of my bazookas. I am not allowed to run at all, so I just walk. Sometimes I ride my bike, and that’s it.”

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The Pregnant Busty Brunette & The Showerhead

The Preggo Big boobed Brunette hair & The Showerhead

The Preggy Big-Boob Brunette hair & The Showerhead

Very preggo Princess Girl oils and bathes. Our photographer followed the breasty dark-skinned brown into the bath.

SCORELAND: Are you sexually confident or passive?

Princess Angel: I am usually passive.

SCORELAND: What satisfies u the foremost?

Princess Angel: To have my twat licked.

SCORELAND: How often do you have sex?

Princess Angel: If not daily, then every second day.

SCORELAND: What is your favorite position?

Princess Angel: I love to be screwed doggy style.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex with one more cutie?

Princess Angel: I am bi-sexual so that says a lot.

SCORELAND: Have u ever had sex in public?

Princess Angel: Yep, but honestly I’m more into intimate sex.

SCORELAND: Do you adore a bit of wazoo?

Princess Angel: I adore anal. Everything about that’s great.

SCORELAND: Have u ever been in a three-way?

Princess Angel: I savour that a lot on a regular basis.

SCORELAND: When you give blowjobs, do u spit or drink?

Princess Angel: I drink.

SCORELAND: What is the funniest comment a boy ever said to you?

Princess Angel: Did not u work in radio? I am sure I heard your sexy voice already.

SCORELAND: What are your carnal fantasies?

Princess Angel: For one day I would love to have a 10-Pounder and have sex with loads of hotties.


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Detroit 44-30-36

Detroit 44-30-36

Detroit 44-30-36

Janet Jade is just like any healthy, youthful, super-stacked girl. That babe roller-blades, watches videos, and likes to have fun.

“I like R&B music,” Janet said. “I like to dance to R&B. Shake my whoppers.” Janet used to be an exotic dancer in advance of she moved to Las Vegas from Detroit.

A very quiet, delightful hotty who moves gracefully and quickly picked up the basics of photo adult modeling, Janet is one of the most physically versatile models we have ever met. When they are newcomers, some glamour models identify that holding a pose for a still picture is more strenuous than they realized. Not Janet. This babe was physically fit from playing sports in high-school. That babe was too a cheerleader. Imagine that. This babe keeps in shape with her roller-blading and Fitness Centre visits.

Janet did not love her mammaries when she was growing up. When this babe started exotic dancing at 19 at a club in a suburb near Detroit, that babe realized how much lads liked them and her attitude softened.

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Amber Lynn Is Bach In The Saddle

Amber Lynn Is Bach In The Saddle

Amber Lynn Is Bach In The Saddle

Amber Lynn is only getting warmed up. She’s contented of her sexy mom body–shapely and firm. This babe works out hard in the gym to maintain it with out losing her womanly, hot curves.

She’s a real-life big-boobed SEXY HOUSEWIFE, not the fake porn version of a HORNY HOUSEWIFE. This babe is gone from hot dancer in 2002 to swinger to porno star but that babe is still the hot-woman-next-door you’ll see spinning at the neighborhood fitness center or at the supermarket examining the cucumbers and bananas.

Amber’s aggressive in this scene as that babe puts the moves on a younger smooth operator but this babe says she’s often unrepining. That babe doesn’t think of herself as a cougar and this babe by no means thought of doing porn until a spouse suggested it.

Amber was already swinging (that babe can’t live with out snatch too) and lap dancing fully bare at Scarlett’s in Hallandale Beach, Florida and Rachel’s in Pompano (“I liked it; it was plenty of joy.”) so this babe did not need to spend much time making a decision. “My response was ‘sure, let’s give it a go.’ I used to view porn. But now that I am doing it, I don’t acquire to check out it.”

Sex is a bigger than standard part of Amber’s life and this babe is great at it.

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