Sheridan Love – Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Now that Sheridan Love’s done her first boy-girl in an epic rencounter, she is adept exhilaration–a rush of energy flooding her senses. Her initial nervousness is over, replaced with passion. Her first scene went exactly as she planned it. Now Sheridan says this babe urges to do more… try more. She’s open to experimenting and nutty to widen her wings.

For boy-girl scene 2, bikini-clad Sheridan heads poolside. A recent husband arrives to titty-tango with the brunette hotty. Sheridan looks magnificant in her small bathing dress, more stacked and big breasted than any goddess on any crowded beach in Florida. Sheridan dedicates this scene to every boy who has drifted off into a dream of rogering her. There are many of us who have dreamt of her lips on our jocks, her big squashy boobies rubbing against us. She’s a true fantasy goddess.

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Vanessa – Big Tit Latina Fucked

Large Tit Lalin girl Banged

Big Tit Latin babe Fucked

“I always loved sex,” says sexually insatiable Vanessa who easily drains this dude’s balls. “I had my first lesbo experience when I was Eighteen. I had a much older boyfriend, adore Fourty, and for my birthday, this chab got me a angel my age, and I loved it. But I not at all acquire fatigued of meat-thermometer.”

“I lived in Miami for a while and then I moved to Las Vegas,” Vanessa said. “I lived in Mexico previous to; that is where I started my career when I was very young. I used to do displays and movies–but real vids, not porn. Comedies and dramas and thrillers. I did about 15 vids in Mexico. Then I moved to Miami and started doing displays and tours.”

“In Mexico, I used to have lots of admirable, valuable guys who sent me a lot of gold, tons of presents, necklaces, diamonds, cars. Then I met a husband, I fell in adore, that woman chaser was a photographer. Now, this chab is just a friend. But we started this web page, cuz I was tired of lap dancing every night doing shows. I was very shy previous to. I could not even spread my legs in front of my spouse. It was so unyielding for me. I’d make him turn around and turn down the lights before I’d spread my legs.

“Believe it or not, I am more successful with hotties than any gent I have ever met. Each time I go out to a lap dancing club, I always bring home 2, three, four gals. It is beautiful! And the boyz always look at me and say, ‘I hate u! I can’t even find one woman to go home with! You have got 3 or four!’ But I am a vixen magnet. Wherever I go, they crawl all over me.”

Vanessa’s had a wild sex life and this babe is far from done!

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Sheridan Love – Hourglass Perfection

Hourglass Perfection

Hourglass Perfection

Sheridan Adore, fresh from her first XXX scene, pours herself into a new taut costume, one of many she’s brought with her from Las Vegas. She’s every inch a SCORE Goddess. Sheridan’s willing to turn you on anew with a one-on-one cum-show. She’s even brought along one of her little large allies from home to keep her cheerful and orgasmic until her next XXX encore. Sheridan is the kind of angel who likes to keep men in suspense and not at all fails to award them. Now that she’s done her 1st boy-girl scene, what’s next? Will Sheridan continue? She merely smiles and says we’ll must expect and watch. Always leave them wanting more appears to be to be the Sheridan Love philosophy.

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Annie Swanson – Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant

In the Classic SCORE movie scene Topmost Annie Swanson, Annie’s head-hunter sends the big breasted housewife to another job. It is guaranteed that Annie is intend to receive into more trouble this time when she meets boyfrend nursing assistant Lilith. Employed as a candy striper in a local hospital to aid the patients with sponge washroom and monitoring their life signs, Annie is destined to become a popular employee.

At first her only thought is about her job. After all, that babe is been through 2 previous jobs the head-hunter sent her to. This is not plan to be facile with wanton black brown Lilith. She’ll be Annie’s guide into candy striper-patient fucking.

Joey is beautiful racked up but his schlong is intact and that’s all Lilith and Annie have any interest in. How the ottoman didn’t break in their sloppy trio is a miracle of modern medicine. The cuties run Joey through his paces and, for a head trauma victim, all of his required functions are working wonderful! They even come up with some atypical positions…the deeper the fit, the more astonishing. With 2 boob goddesses beneath his control, his prognosis for shooting a load of cum all over ’em looks valuable. Or is this charmer underneath their control?

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Cat Bangles – Topheavy & Tidy

Topheavy & Tidy

Topheavy & Tidy

Everybody hates cleaning the house. We all do. So sit back, pop a brew, and watch Cat Bangles do that job for you. Wow! Who do you know? You couldn’t hire a housekeeper with a rack and astronomical mammaries love hers even at Rent-A-Brickhouse. She’s even come perfectly clothed for the occasion. Relish her labors. Each inch of ’em.

“I like to put on constricted wife-beaters and see how lads react when they check me out,” says Cat. “I usually receive a ton of attention from boys and gals.” And we know Cat does. Cuz her rack is one-in-a-million.

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Puma Swede – Puma Swede At The Whore Motel

Puma Swede At The Bimbo Motel

Puma Swede At The Whore Motel

In advance of we’ve to the part where Puma Swede hilariously mutters Swedish obscenities by a back alley dumpster as this babe trolls for tricks to screw for cash, let’s backtrack a scarcely any years.

In 2004, Puma came to SCORE. Her name then was Johanna. She showed her bra-busters. That babe showed her bottom. That was it. This babe didn’t do much. Kinda just stood there and smiled. We were tearing our hair out.

Then that babe came back 2 years later and she was banging her brains out. The Swedish heat came out. Puma was always laughable with a wacky, pervy sense of humor but now she was humorous and fucking.

“I’m a sucker for greater than average fullsome funbags, but shooting for SCORE, I feel so diminutive coz all the other girls have massive milk sacks,” Puma said four years agone. “I acquire to go and acquire them bigger in size. But I’m gonna wait a pair of years, and then I’m plan to go large. Then I am intend to come back to SCORE. I desire them colossal. But I am going to go step-by-step. 1st I’ll go a little larger, then I’ll go a little more, then I’ll go a little more.”

Well, Puma did not go bigger in size but she did come back to bonk some more and appear on SCORETV and she’s still screwing a matter of joke. Now back to the trash dumpster pick-up.

Puma is clothed to raise testosterone levels in a sexy pink suit. A car pulls up with an interested buyer. That charmer really doesn’t wanna buy Puma’s twat, just rent it. They continue to the floozy motel of Puma’s partiality where her trick receives to explore the pink lining of her Swedish grab. Puma gives him a ride worth his cash. This babe doesn’t take Swedish Kronas, just US dollars.

The thing about Puma is this. No matter how hard that babe tries to be a sleazy, kinky whore and a banging horny skank, this babe cant prevent being a wholesome, delicious, pretty Swedish country beauty. A matter of joke world, ain’t it?

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Sandra Star – Call Her Sandra Superstar Now

Call Her Sandra Superstar Now

Call Her Sandra Superstar Now

Sandra Star finds roaming the internet boring so that babe turns off the PC. The stylish blonde would rather take off her hawt outfit and receive wicked for u. And that’s what Sandra’s intend to do. “I adore to masturbate,” says Sandra. “It’s always admirable to loosen up and relish my body when there is no fellow with me to please me.”

“My favourite night out would be a date with a nice lad. We would have pleasure valuable dining and wine. I’d wear one of my superlatively nice dresses and we would talk and have to know every other better.”

When it comes to sex, Sandra has miniature in number limitations.

“One of my majority much loved things is to drink cum,” says Sandra who discharged to prominence in the United States after debuting in SCORE. “I swallow every drop and I actually adore doing it. I make sure a fellow is fully drained when we are finished.”

Call her Sandra Superstar now!

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